Pulp Fiction (and Fantasy) Graphics circa 1970s
These graphics are not readily available and are from my own hard copy
Mike Hinge Illustration from "amazing SCIENCE FICTION" July 1972
Mike Hinge Cover Illustration November 1971
Internal Graphics

Pulp Fiction
Pulp fiction was available at a low price, giving people access to fantasy and science fiction writing, showing development of themes of the time. It introduced authors such as Ray Bradbury, Frank Herbert, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov, even John Wyndham in "New Worlds Science Fiction" in 1958, and their novelettes. I have presented a few illustrations, and samples of fonts "herewith".
From Scott Mavor
Gray Morrow - Graphics for Herbert, and Heinlein
Development of Typographic Fonts

Pulp Covers

Cover paper and colouring varied as printing technology, and I assume as affordability developed.
From Elinor Mavor
Placing works of illustrators together, we quickly identify composition and style of each. At that point we see the real excellence of work.
Colour  Technology from 1965 - e.g. some pages with blue, others with red, indicating two passes of the same sheet through a print press
Pulp Magazines or Pocket Books provided a vehicle for many men and women to contribute to the story themes, graphics, and font styles we use today.
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Further examples are available on the internet, as with this issue from October 1961, and the examples below.